International Speaker, Author and Life Coach Pamela D. Smith Empowers Women Through Ministry

International Speaker, Author and Life Coach Pamela D. Smith Empowers Women Through Ministry

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This Evangelist, International Life Coach; Speaker, Author, and Self-Publishing Consultant has
dedicated her diverse pursuits to elevating the spiritual lives of women around the world. Born in
Northern Louisiana and now residing in Arlington, Texas-she is affectionately known as the
“Prayer Plug” to many. It is through fervent prayer that she has created a multifaceted ministry
that connects with people through a plethora of platforms and projects. Such would include the
release of a prayer CD, Quiet Time to Pray, and a Life Enrichment Ministry titled, Go(o)d Girl.
This ministry empowers women to embrace their spiritual and physical attributes and to
engulf themselves in God’s word so that their purpose and their person is aligned. Pamela has a
ministry blog titled, Dear Go(o)d Girl. This blog is a creative mix of beauty, the bible, business
& books.  Pamela has self-published some women empowerment life coaching books titled: E3:
Encouraged, Equipped, Empowered and Life, Love, Liberty: A 21-Day Spiritual Life
Coaching Journey.


“All my books are basically me encouraging, equipping, empowering, and enriching the lives of women from my experiences. They are about helping women go within themselves and exercise the power that God has given us as women.”


BLAQ MAGAZINE: What type of motivation drove you to starting the RP Smith Agency? What was the purpose and inspiration behind it? 

PAMELA SMITH: The inspiration behind RP Smith Agency was a way for me to evolve into another space that aligned with my purpose which is to help women align their success goals with their spirituality in order to live purpose driven lives. For years, so many women were coming to me for help with self-publishing their books so once the time was right, my husband and I started RP Smith Agency.

BLAQ: How many years have you been in business? Do you have a team behind you?

PAMELA: We’ve been in business for almost 2 years now. Yes, I do have a team behind me that I’m so grateful for.

BLAQ: As an evangelist and minister, what is your primary goal to helping and empowering women?

PAMELA: The primary goal as an evangelist is to help women to develop, strengthen, and maintain their relationship with God by ministering to them right where they are. I’m not into conventional and traditional methods such as because I am an evangelist, I can only do ministry in church, behind a pulpit or podium. I find ways to minister without always throwing a bible or scripture at a person however Jesus is still lifted and God is still glorified in it.

BLAQ: Did you know your calling at an early age or was this something you were always passionate about?

PAMELA: I knew that I would write at an early age because I’ve been writing all of my life. I did not know that my writing was going to be a big part of my ministry because I did not know realize that God was going to use me in ministry at a young age.

BLAQ: Are there any goals you have mapped out towards the RP Smith Agency?

PAMELA: Yes, the goal for RP Smith Agency is to expand into more of a media organization that will include publishing, speaking, recording, featuring, and promoting faith based and inspirational authors, writers, and artists. I think this will connect my personal brand in a way that things will be more streamlined.

BLAQ: You have self-published six books.  What was the process like versus going to a traditional publisher?

PAMELA:  It’s 8 now. The process was hard, stressful, and it involved a lot of mistakes but learning opportunities with each book. My very first book that I self-published through another company was easier because someone else was doing the work but it was less profitable and less impact because the understanding was, they would market the book. I didn’t know how at that time so I solely depended on them and they did little to nothing to market it although the marketing material that they created for me was very cute.

BLAQ: Why self-publishing instead of hiring a publishing company?

PAMELA: In my opinion, self-publishing gives the author more control over things like timelines, design, formatting, and such things. With a traditional publisher you are usually only given a few options to choose from.

BLAQ: Tell us more about your prayer CD entitled “Quiet time to pray”

PAMELA: I actually have plans to relaunch the prayer CD late next year. I only did a soft launch of it last year with family and friends. It’s a CD of me praying different prayers. I kind of put it to the side but definitely have plans for a full launch.

BLAQ: You are also a visionary author in a book collaboration called “Dear Go(o)d Girl.  What is that book about? What was the inspiration behind the title?

PAMELA: This book is about marriage, motherhood, ministry, and money. My sister and all of my first cousins is co-authors. In the book we are encouraging women in some of the top areas where women need encouragement in.

BLAQ: What are your other books about?

PAMELA:  All my books are basically me encouraging, equipping, empowering, and enriching the lives of women from my experiences. They are about helping women go within themselves and exercise the power that God has given us as women. They are helping women set goals and execute on those goals. Helping women understand what living a life for God is about. One of my books, The Doors of the Church are Open, is a Christian Fiction book but the stories are definitely things that readers told me they identified with.

BLAQ: Has anyone been so moved by your book that it was very life-changing for them?

PAMELA:  Yes, I’ve received that kind of feedback. I’ve also received feedback from people who told me that they bought the book because another reader told them that it would definitely help them with something they were going through.

BLAQ: Being known as the “prayer plug” is something unique.  How did you get that name?

PAMELA: I think it was a joke at first. I remember praying at a barbecue one time and after I finished praying one of the men yelled, “now that’s the plug, the prayer plug” and others in that circle started calling me that and it went from there. When people say minister, most people automatically think of preaching but in my opinion, I can pray way better than I can preach.

BLAQ: How has your passion to helping women align their spirituality with their success goals empower them to live successful lives?

 PAMELA: It helps them to live successful lives in that the alignment of the two helps them to understand that they can create their own definition of success and not consider success by what it looks like for someone else. The alignment of the two also helps women who are spiritual to understand that you can be spiritual and successful without compromising one for the other. In my book, She Won’t Fail I talk about how I grew up hearing older women label women who were successful and who worked hard as money hungry so I adopted the belief that God didn’t want women to make a lot of money and to do so was to rebel against God’s will for women. Once I realized that was not a spiritual truth, I had to dispel that myth with any other women who thought or was taught the same and that’s why it’s important to me to help women align the two.

BLAQ: I see that you and your husband is releasing a children’s book together called “Bullying is wrong Go(o)d Kids Get Along” How did you all come up with the title and what is it about? When is the release date?



PAMELA: The book is about helping every child realize that they are God’s and they are Good so if they are experiencing being bullied that does not mean they should internalize it and think that they are bad but it also teaches them to not be the bully. The book will release February 2020.

BLAQ: Are there any other projects you and your husband will be working on?

PAMELA:  The bullying book is the major project but of course we will be creating writing and publishing seminars to continue to assist aspiring authors with writing and publishing their books.

BLAQ: Can we expect more books from you in the near future?

PAMELA:  Maybe a book on writing and publishing but I’m going to try to focus more on being a resource for other aspiring authors.

BLAQ: What advice would you give to an author who wants to go into self-publishing and start their own business in publishing?

PAMELA: Make sure you have learned a lot about self-publishing, and that you continue to learn. Build a great team that includes a graphic designer and an editor. The publishing industry is evolving so as a publisher, personal development and a desire to evolve is going to be necessary.

BLAQ: How can readers connect with you?

PAMELA:  Instagram @rpsmithagency and @pameladenisesmith








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